White Paper

MUC Multi Universe

Multi Universe Central (MUC) is a project to build
an infinite universe and an ecosystem that supports it,
focusing on Original PFP projects and GameFI Alliances.

The project will showcase original contents and values
through blockchain technology, connect decentralized IPs,
and expand the universe of each IP.

MUC Ecosystem

MUC Economy

MUC(Multi Universe Central) is a utility token project connected to diverse decentralized IPs and contents. Based on high expandability of MUC ecosystem, MUC can collaborate with other various projects and work as a crypto economy connecting contents inwards and outwards. 


MUC economy works connected to IP tokens. Each IP token creates new values combined with NFT projects and contents - TMHC, Peachz.MOMO, and Universal Stallion. 

MUC ecosystem


  • Tokyo Mongz Hills Club Tokyo Mongz Hills Club

    Mongz Universe Genesis Project

    Top NFT Project in Japan

  • Universal Stallion Universal Stallion

    Win-2-Earn Game

    Horse Racing Simulation Game


    Full 3D Body NFT Project with WebGL

    Sold out in 7 minutes on 2nd Sale

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon


Main Category Category Distribution
Staking (45%) NFT Holders 30%
Universe 15%
Ecosystem (26%) Liquidity Pool 15%
Contents (P2E) 5%
Multi Chain 3%
Reserve Fund 3%
Listing (20%) Exchange A 7%
Exchange B 5%
Exchange C 5%
Exchange D 3%
Etc (9%) Team 5%
Marketing 2%
Partners 2%


Tokyo Mongz Hills Club MZC PEACHz.MOMO MUC Universal Stallion GameFi Inc
Tokyo Mongz Hills Club PFP Projects 2022.11 MZC Rewarding Start 2Q.2023 PEACHz.MOMO PFP Project 3Q.2023 MUC 1st Listing 2Q.2024 P2E GAME Universal Stallion Launching 1Q.2024 MUC 2nd & 3rd Listing 2Q-3Q. 2024 2nd P2E Game 3Q. 2024 2nd P2E Game 3Q. 2024


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MUC Price
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